Health and Wellness Coaching

Working together we will discover your health and wellness goals and unlock what truly motivates you. Using this as a driving force I help you set up weekly action steps that are attainable and assist you in setting up the conditions for success.  I will be there supporting you along the way.


  • Weekly coaching sessions: 45 mins (please allow 60 mins) via phone, Skype, Zoom or FaceTime
  • With todays technology we can work together no matter where you live (email used for handouts and action guides)

          Programs: In all of my programs you will gain insight into what is best for you personally resulting in more energy, feeling more comfortable in your body and experiencing overall improvement in health and wellbeing. Specific medical conditions receive targeted information proven to be the most effective way to manage and positively influence your health. Most importantly, however, is finding a way of being that fits into your life, is sustainable, enjoyable and just becomes who you are.

* Schedule your complimentary discovery call to learn more

Single Laser session: 60 mins via phone, Skype, Zoom or FaceTime

– Great for anyone who wants to take it one session at a time or for anyone looking to gain more insight into their goals. Perfect for previous clients of any of my programs who may need to work through a new challenge or obstacle.

Do you enjoy being out and about?  If so, and we are local to each other, we can try to meet for a walk or at an outdoor cafe’.

Group Coaching

           Do you have a friend, or a few, that share the same desires for their health or have similar goals?  This is a great way to have several built in “accountability partners” and can make for a fun and powerful way to approach reaching your wellness goals.

          -Weekly coaching sessions: 60 mins in person (if local) or via Zoom

 *If you truly desire to change your health and wellness and are committed to the journey, then I am ready to work with you.